Digest: Editor Internals - MS Word

Recently, I delivered a presentation on techniques that enable real-time collaboration, with a focus on text editors. Since, I’ve developed an interest in how text editors are i... Read More

Digest: Dates with JavaScript

This post is about the various ways you can create a Date in JavaScript, both documented and undocumented, how it works under the hood, and the (maybe surprising) results you ge... Read More

Digest: Do you wanna PCB?

The scHnRk and Neander was born in the first half of this year. Designed and Assembled in Singapore, these boards represent leaps of faith into the unknown world of electronics... Read More

Digest: Consensus Filters

The Problem Suppose you have a huge number of robots/vehicles and you want all of them to track some global value, maybe the average of the weight of the fuel that each contain... Read More

Digest: Consistent Hashing

This is our first digest article. What’s a digest article? Basically we source around NUS and write something that’s technically interesting. Let us know if you would like to su... Read More