Friday Hacks #132, March 24

Hello folks! Welcome back to Friday Hacks #132. This week we’ll be having a talk by Abhilash, the creator of Bus Uncle, about how he built Singapore’s most viral chatbot. After ... Read More

Friday Hacks #131, March 17

Hi folks! This week we are privileged to have one of the leading experts in high performance computing (he has his own law!), give a talk on the intricacies of math in computing... Read More

Friday Hacks #130, March 10

Hello folks, this week we’re very excited to have Virgil Griffith over to speak about Bitcoin, Ethereum, the dark web as well as the exciting prospects of legaltech. Date/... Read More

Digest: Editor Internals - MS Word

Recently, I delivered a presentation on techniques that enable real-time collaboration, with a focus on text editors. Since, I’ve developed an interest in how text editors are i... Read More

Friday Hacks #129, March 3

Welcome back folks! We will be exploring cool hardware at our next Friday Hacks! Ever wondered what goes into building a laser cutter machine? Machine builder Kiwi will be doing... Read More

Friday Hacks #128, February 17

We are excited to have Emil and Sunny speaking at this week’s FH before we break for recess week. Check out more details below. See you there! Date/Time: Friday, February 17 at... Read More

Friday Hacks #127, February 10

Come join us this Friday for our weekly Friday Hacks! We will have Ding Feng sharing about hardware hacking. Read on to know more. Date/Time: Friday, February 10 at 6:30pm... Read More

Friday Hacks #126, February 3

Hey folks, welcome back from the CNY break! Come join us this Friday to learn about computer security and collaborative tools! We will have Jethro Kuan sharing about collaborati... Read More