Friday Hacks #102, Oct 30

This week, our very own coreteam members will be sharing on their internship experiences overseas. Learn why you should do internships, how to choose and of course, how to get t... Read More

Friday Hacks #101, Oct 23

Coming up in our 101th Friday Hacks, we have He Wei from Hopetechnik sharing on engineering solutions in his line of work as well as Dr. Swapan giving a talk about security issu... Read More

Friday Hacks #100, Oct 16

NUS Hackers is celebrating our 100th Friday Hacks! Date/Time: Friday, Oct 16 at 6:30pm Venue: Seminar Room 3, Town Plaza, University Town Free food and bee... Read More

Friday Hacks #99, Oct 09

We’re very happy to have two recent graduates of NUS School of Computing to speak at this week’s Friday Hacks about a very important programming language construct: the parser. ... Read More