Friday Hacks #44, Mar 15

This week, we will be adding a twist to our regular Friday Hacks.

Instead of the regular talks by speakers, we’ll just be having a hacking session. You are more than welcome to bring your own projects, homework, etc, down and join us!

In addition, this weeks Friday Hacks is themed:
Getting Started with Open-Source.

We will be spending the entire Friday Hacks helping students take their first steps in contributing to open-source projects. There will be members on standby to guide you along. This will be especially useful for students that are unfamiliar with open-source contributions but are interested in starting!

Those who are active contributors to open-source projects are welcome to join and guide the others as well.

As always, there’ll be drinks, pizza and a fun crowd to mingle with.

We look forward to seeing you there!

*Tell us what you think about this alternative format of Friday Hacks :)


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For a map, more details, as well as guidelines on giving a talk on Friday Hacks, see For more info on NUS Hackers, See: For more Friday Hacks talks:

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