Hack&Roll '12 Wrapup

Hack&Roll 2012, which was organized by NUS Hackers ended on Monday and it saw 47 student developers hacking out cool stuff in 24 hours, applying a vast range of technology... Read More

Hack&Roll'12 Team Lineup

Hack&Roll 2012 is now entering its final stretch with 4 hours left before the end of the event. Walking around the basement, there is a sense of excitement in the air as th... Read More

Hack&Roll Briefing

If you’re a team at Hack&Roll, or if you’re planning on just dropping by, here’s a participant briefing document that we’ve prepared so you know what to expect at the event.... Read More

Hack & Roll coming up!

NUS Hackers is organising the “Hack n Roll’ 24-Hour Hackathon, the first-ever student organized hackathon in NUS. If you want to have a fun, educational weekend at the Start of... Read More