Friday Hacks #7

Notice: the NUS Hackers site continues to be black for this week. Last week, just as we were about to change it back, we received news of another passing - John McCarthy. Time:... Read More

Friday Hacks #6

For this week’s Friday Hacks, Steven Goh, a 4th year CompSci student will be coming down to share with us “Rapid Web Development the right (Pythonic) way” (I realize NUS Hackers... Read More

Friday Hacks #5

This week’s Friday Hacks would be held at Seminar Room 3, at UTown Education Resource Centre. We don’t have a speaker booked, so if you’d like to give an informal talk please le... Read More

Friday Hacks #4 Recap

Last week’s Friday Hacks saw a visit from Ong Guan Sin from NUS ComCen, in addition to the usual hackathon. He had a proposal for us: The first proposal he had was for NUS Ha... Read More