Friday Hacks #4

I’m really sorry for the late shoutout on this - tomorrow’s Friday Hacks would be held at Seminar Rooms 1 and 2 at the Tembusu Learning Lobe. (We were late with this because the... Read More


Python Programming and Web Development. From Scratch.   The Python User Group Singapore conducts a series of beginners' programming workshops to promote the use of Python in a... Read More

Friday Hacks #3

This week’s Friday Hacks will be held at the Global Learning Room at the Education Resource Centre in UTown. Details are as follows: Location: UTown, Education Resource Center,... Read More

Friday Hacks #2 Recap

Yesterday’s Friday Hacks was huge. We had a turnout that stuffed Seminar Room 9, and when we had both the hacking and the speaking going on, people had barely any tables to sit ... Read More

Friday Hacks #2

Update! Venue is now changed to Seminar Room 9, on the second floor of the Education Resource Centre, UTown Will be held at the Collaborative Commons at UTown. That’s on the f... Read More