NUS Hackers: What We Do

This was adapted from a short introduction I did at the beginning of CodeCom 2011. Intended purpose: to introduce people to NUS Hackers, seeing as we had recently undergone a na... Read More

Code for the Good of The World

It was a late Thursday night when we got the email from Laurence: We are encouraging people to hack things together for the fun of it, for passion. This by itself is good enough... Read More

Learning Ruby The Fun Way

CodeCom 2011 wrapped up today, and boy was it a ton of fun. Some comments after the event: the workshop was fun ^_^ i brought home more than just a USB today, haha if only assig... Read More

CodeCom 2011

We’re holding a Tri-University Coding competition this Saturday (12th Feb) at the NUS Extension. It’ll be an afternoon of programming in Ruby with our peers from NTU and SMU - b... Read More