The Ruby Tournament!

We had a great time at the Ruby Tournament held on the 22nd of October. It was great to have Chris Boesch, Professor at School of Information Systems from SMU. He and his wife, ... Read More

#7 - Ruby Programming Tournament

The next event in the linuxNUS Hack Workshop Series is the Singpath Ruby Tournament. As its name suggests, this is a Ruby Programming Tournament, with a focus on simple, logical... Read More

Hackfest! Hacking education

linuxNUS is back with a much awaited Hackfest(!!!) as part of its Hack Workshop Series. A Hackfest is an event where programmers come together to build something - anything they... Read More

Workshop #6 Agile Development Practices

The next session in the Hack Workshop series is by JB Steadman from Pivotal Labs. He is coming down to speak on Agile Development Practices. It is a Non-technical workshop and... Read More

Workshop #5 PHP and CodeIgniter

The fifth workshop in the Hack Workshop Series was the introduction to web programming language PHP and its light-weight framework - CodeIgniter. The slides for the workshop ar... Read More

Workshop #4 HTML5 and CSS3

Div and Cedric did an awesome job for the workshop on HTML5 and CSS3. You can find the all the workshop content here : You’ll need to down... Read More

The UNIX Philosophy Workshop (#3)

The Unix Philosophy workshop was held on 17th of October in LT19. Prof Michael Brown did a great job in demonstrating the power of Unix and the philosophy behind the 40 year old... Read More