HoN-y Night Report and Photos

HoN was certainly fun. We even had icedwater joining us all the way from Germany. We had some real intense matches and a good late night supper at Holland Village. And one thing... Read More

Software Freedom Day 2009

From our mailing list archive: The Free and Open Source Alliance (FOSA.sg) would like to invite you  to take part in Software Freedom Day Singapore 2009. We have a number of eve... Read More

A HoN-y Night

Besides the usual hacking and configuration, it only apt to unwind and take a break from geekdom once in a while. So it’s time to play! linuxNUS will be having its inaugural ... Read More

Photos from Foodie Social and Hackfest

Hi guys, I have finally uploaded the photos of the Foodie Social and Hackfest from my Android phone. They are not fantastic due to my poor photography skills but they are defini... Read More

Singapore Open Source News on ZDNet

A piece about Open Source trends in Singapore, which is part of a roundup on Open Source in Asia. And some snippets from Red Hat CEO’s recent address at SIM . Good to see Open... Read More

linuxNUS Hackfest the Third: Hack Reality

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time once again for yet another linuxNUS Hackfest! What do we do at Hackfests you ask? Well it’s all right there isn’t it? We hack on stu... Read More

[Podcast] Episode 2: Open Up to Jim

In this episode of the linuxNUS Podcast, we catch up with Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat Inc. to get some insight into the mind of the man who runs the world’s num... Read More