#codeandroid is up

The codeandroid guys now have their very own IRC channel on Freenode. linuxNUS is pleased to be hosting the logs for #codeandroid. The following is a message from their FB grou... Read More

Inaugural linuxNUS HackFest

Post-it declarations Genius at work do not disturb The HackFest started off at Geek Terminal. The turnout was hardly shabby :) We had post-its stuck to our laptop, indicating ... Read More

SLMG meetup Apr 09

Wed 22 Apr 7pm SMU - School of Economics, Class Rm 5-2 (Rm 5012) 90 Stamford Road Singapore This month Novell will be presenting SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. Han Wen Kam, from No... Read More

Python meetup Apr 09

Exam stress mounting? Come chill out at the 3rd Python Meetup. Date: Thursday, April 16, 2009 Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Location: SMU, SIS (School of Information System) NSR 2.2 (s... Read More

linuxNUS goes mobile

Thanks to the suggestions of squish and honcheng in #linuxnus, linuxnus.org now has a mobile version using Mobilize by Mippin Wordpress Plugin. So now you can catch linuxnus.or... Read More

Ole Tange on OpenMoko

Imagine a mobile computing device with which you could do whatever you wanted. Imagine that virtually every aspect of the phone was customisable to your every whim. Change the w... Read More

Write in C. A developer song.

A brilliant song about.. well.. writing in C. Enjoy! PS. Does anyone have the lyrics to this? Update: Thanks to tan_ce and Nixxy’s comments below, here are the lyrics! <... Read More

Openmoko Talk Apr 09

April 8: OpenMoko Ole Tange TR6/SOC1 6.30pm-8.30pm Before Google Android, there was openMoko. OpenMoko is a mobile phone project dedicated to offering users a complete open s... Read More

Codeplex Talk Apr 09

April 6: Microsoft Codeplex Yap Neng Giin TR6/SOC1 7pm-8pm Ever wonder what Microsoft is doing in the way of an open source project? Yes, Microsoft does open source too. It’s... Read More

Android Singapore Meetup Mar 09

While most of us will be happy to laze at home on a bright Saturday morning, a group of Android lovers gathered in NUS for the inaugural Android SIngapore Meetup. Daniel presen... Read More

Ubuntu Workshop Mar 09

This was a very successful event and we would like to take this chance to thank Team Ubuntu Singapore as well as NUS Students’ Computing Club for the wonderful and professional ... Read More

[Podcast] Episode 0: Closed on Sundays

Aaaandd.. here we go! Presenting to you, fresh (somewhat) from the oven, Episode 0 of the linuxNUS Podcast, Closed on Sundays ! Inside, catch up with the linuxNUS Team as we ... Read More