27 March: Ubuntu.SG comes to NUS

For all of you who’re interested in trying out Ubuntu for the first time, NUS Computing Club and Ubuntu.SG have teamed up with us to present the next instalment of our Open up t... Read More

linuxNUS goes to SLMG meetup

So a small contingent from linuxNUS and NTUOSS headed down to the SLMG meetup. The meeting was soon called to order, and David and Darrel spearheaded the discussion about the d... Read More

IT Show 2009 anyone?

Hello everyone! Now that the IT Show is on, is anyone out there intending to pop down to check out the deals this season? Well if you happen to find yourself with a free Frida... Read More

LXDE Talk Mar 09: aftermath

Thank you to Mario for the wonderful presentation. And here are some pretty photos of us! The presentation The breakout (that's Android btw) <br / >The people .. an... Read More

Live blogging at LXDE Talk Mar 09

After talking about the business opportunities with LXDE, Mario is now talking about the community at LXDE. An interesting fact about LXDE Project is that the founder of the ... Read More

Poster poster posts post-post post!

(Sorry about the title.) With the linuxNUS LXDE talk coming up, the linuxNUS Team has gone on a poster posting spree. Do keep a look out for our pretty LXDE poster around NUS! A... Read More

Android interest in linuxNUS

Recently, there has been a burgeoning interest and excitment in both linuxNUS and Singapore with regards to Android. If you wish to to find out more about Android development, ... Read More

linuxNUS at Barcamp 3

  [caption id="attachment_157" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Hello from Barcamp 3 SG!"][/caption] Many of the the #linuxnus regulars had attended Barcamp 3 S... Read More