Non Sequitur

So … I am somewhat relieved that I managed to install OpenSUSE 11.0 on my laptop, in a separate partition, just the way Linux should be run. It wasn’t accepting any sort of Ub... Read More

What Fun, an Install Fest!

You really should have been there. We had lots of fun! VMs were set up, guests shared stories, and we even had an ‘unplugged’ session… so to speak. It’s OK if you didn’t know ... Read More

LinuxNUS Install Fest!

Hi guys! The details of the install fest are finally out! Come to SOC1 #03-17 on Thursday, Feb 5, at 6.30pm with your laptops! We’ll be providing Ubuntu 8.10 liveCDs you can ... Read More

Possible Install Fest Coming Up

Just in: we are working on getting an install fest within February. Still some nitty-bitty logistical details to confirm first, so stay tuned for more updates! Junhao, aka Jmarki Read More