AMD/ATI go open source

Last week, AMD released register specifications for the RV630 and M56 parts into open source, thus allowing the OSS community to develop 2D (and theoretically 3D) drivers, given... Read More

Things you miss on #linuxNUS

We like strategy games.. ChanServ MODE +o rey rey KICK elfgoh - rey <rey> so fun <ramkumar> lol <rey> long time nv hijack irc channel liao <tianyao... Read More

Strange stats

Was just checking out our Google Analytics stats the other day and found a very interesting trend. Second to Singapore (of course), the highest number of incoming visitors to ou... Read More

Ubuntu Install Workshop on 12 Sep 07

Always wanted to install Linux on your PC/laptop but don’t know how to? Want to find out how to dual-boot Linux and Windows? Or even triple boot (with MacOS)? Fancy having some ... Read More