Our room's gettin' popula'!!

Hmm, it seems that we have more and more people popping over to the society room (SOC1-03-19). There are days when I even lose my favourite seat! =p Well, it may be due to a lo... Read More

Photos: Linux Tweaks Workshop

Our "storeman", Luqman, setting up shop for the session. Stop playing with the LAN cables and get cracking! We caught Luqman smsing when he was suppose to be paying atten... Read More

Perspective: Linux Tweaks Workshop

I had to rush back to SOC1 after my training for the Workshop. I arrived at #03-17 in the nick of time. Phew. I popped Knoppix 5.0.1, which Junhao insisted I used, into the CDRO... Read More

Linux Tweaks Workshop

Linux box: Up and running. Ego: Pumped up. Connection: … Oh.. darn. Try to use in NUS. .. OH.. DARN… ————— Linux documentation isn’t the easiest to find in NUS. And the helpdes... Read More